St. Cubert's Ancient Church

Visiting St. Cubert's Church and meeting it's guard

Two sessions ago our heroes were at the Saint Cubert’s church making a deal with the grand cleric – the deal – never mention a word of this to anyone outside this room.

last session our party spoke with [Ruy Jalil] and asked permission to go down to the ancient church below Saint Cubert’s.
Mila accompanied the party there.

The sorcerer and barbarian remained as hostages
below, our party found a cave with tribal arts, to the side was a channel where they found inside a horrible insectoid beast that almost killed forge instantly – luckily he survived and [June] was able to send the monster into a deep slumber where he was then slain.

After this ordeal the party retreated back to Mila’s great dissatisfaction
they continued below to a holy underground hall where they found a lot of the insectoid beast corpses.

On top of a corps pile they found the underground hall guardian – he introduced himself as [Kuyte Purxe], He told the party that the clerics of Saint Cubert’s turned him into an undead so he will eternally guard the church below (this greatly bothered Mila).

He explained to the party that he is guarding an artifact that he may not give to anyone without the direct approval of the Saint Cubert’s church leaders



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